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Voice Post: Update Needed

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“Hey. Somebody remind me to post, 'cause I need to get that... get a... post done. Umm... I need to stop doing all these stupid voice posts and do an actual post. And get the... get things out of the way. I haven't been on the Internet in several days. And, I need to get stuff done. And my email box has probably been flooded, so umm... just send... don't email me I err... umm... to... to remind me. I'll get it, umm... but it'll be a while. But... derr... maybe you can call me or text message me or something... to get me online. Okay. Somebody get me online, somehow. Call me. Text message me. I don't care. Just contact me. Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo

Frank the Goat must be desperate for calls.
Tags: procrastinating, voiceposts

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