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Letter Writing

I am writing a letter to my General Manager at Maryland Repro, and handing copies to my manager and the owner. I've gone through several revisions and have it in a pretty workable form right now. I'm posting it here to see if anyone else has any ideas for revising it. I will need to have any revisions in by about 7 AM EST tomorrow, when I print out my final version to hand to them.

Dear Tom,

On Friday, February 24, 2006, right after Jimmie had left the shop, I was loading some 30-inch paper into the second drawer of the KIP 8000 machine. After putting the paper on the spool, I walked back towards the machine to load the paper into it. In doing so, I stepped on a plastic end cap that was hidden underneath several sheets of paper on the floor. I fell onto my butt, dropping the spool and roll of paper in the process. After I recovered from the shock of the fall, I checked the spool and the paper to see if they had been damaged. As far as I could tell, they were not.

The problem is that way too much trash, paper, and cardboard is on the floor, along with too many cardboard tubes and end caps. As I see it, the problem stems from two major sources. The first source is Josh taking any of the paper trimmings, trim sheets, or bad sheets and merely dropping them on the floor where he is. Instead, he could walk a step or two and put them in the trash can. This fact can be proven when you compare the state of the floor on a day Josh is there with its state on a day he is not there. The second source is Darryl putting the paper tubes into the trash can. When the tubes go into the trash can, you can only fit about four or five of them in there and you cannot fit anything else into the trash can. Therefore, if you try to put more trash on top of the tubes, it will end up going on the floor. Haywood, the cleaning man, has complained of the tube problem to me on several occasions. He also mentions that he cannot tie the bags when the tubes are in them and has to remove them each time they are in there.

There is also the problem of end caps on the floor. While this is not as significant as the problem of paper on the floor, it does compound the problem, and an end cap is ultimately what I slipped on. We do have boxes for the end caps to go in, so we can ship them back to the paper company for reuse. These boxes need to be used.

Now, this problem has been ongoing for some time now. Jimmie has attempted to combat this problem several times. To this date, his attempts have worked for a while each time, but then the problem came right back a couple of days later. I greatly appreciate Jimmie's efforts on this, but I believe a more permanent solution is required.

Now, while, in my opinion, I was not hurt in my fall this time and no machinery was damaged, that may not be the case the next time this kind of thing happens. Also, if it had been an older person than me who was injured, such as my father or Dennis, then that person's recuperation time would probably be greater than my own.

Now, I am not a litigious person, but there may be some people in the company who are. If one of them had fallen, or if I had been injured in my own fall, you might have a Workman's Compensation case on your hands. Also, OSHA and the Fire Department make random inspections on safety. If they make a random inspection or someone reports this problem to them, there would be something more major than a simple letter.

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you can come up with a solution to this situation.


Michael James Moore
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