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Voice Post: Robbery

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“Well, it's not every day that you come into work and find the Crime Lab in there. Uh, apparently, after we left last night at about 9:50 or sometime early in the morning before 6:15, somebody broke into the shop. So, it kinda sucks because they took... they took most of the computers... which had ALL the files on 'em. They didn't... They didn't take the MAIN... They didn't take the MAIN computer that had most of the files on it, but they took all the... all the secondary computers and everything. So... we're pretty screwed. *sniffs* And we got some big jobs coming in, so we're just... I don't know. *whistles* We're... The alarm didn't go off, and they took the, um, billing computer, which had, um, files... files on, on, on employees, present and past, so we think it was somebody who, uh, who used to work there. But, uh... *whistles* It's been an interesting day. I guess I'll catch y'all guys later.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo

They determined from the path of the damage that it probably was not a past employee. The whole alarm system wasn't installed properly and was also a decade old.

As for something funny, Jeannie kept accidentally calling the Crime Lab "the Crab Lab."

My dad said the guy from the Crime Lab looked like Bug from Crossing Jordan.
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