Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Voice Post: Catching Up, Lack of Friends, and Annoying Alex

703K 4:12
“Hey guys! It's me! Umm.... I'm actually getting stuff caught up. Uh... A few things... I got the uh... actually getting caught up on backlog of friends. Um... It's like I'm actually getting stuff that I want to get done done. There's still some stuff I NEED to get done that I HAVEN'T done, but that's beside the point. I don't WANT to do it. And, uh... stuff that *chuckles* Uh... I need to do it. Uh... And, it's uh... It's just bothering me. I don't know. I'm... But I'm actually getting things done. And uh... I have some new userpics in my thing. I'm... I'm making some more. Um... The ones I got labeled are free to take. If you want them, take them. It's fine with me. I... I... guh... I'm going to be making some more and those are going to be free to take, too. And...
I'm... I gotta... I gotta get that thing I was planning on doing done. That big, huge mega-post. Uh... I got stuff I gotta say. I wanna say. Haven't said. Um... I... I... I'll just hit "backdate" so it doesn't... you don't get this huge monster post in your friends list. I'll just give you a link on a regular post, uh... in case you wanted to read it.
As for stuff, uh... people don't contact me. Eh... I dunno. I have very few real friends. I have... I have a whole bunch of you guys on the Internet. Um... I know a lot of you listening to this will have no way to con-... call me because you're in England or Australia or... or Czechoslovakia or wherever you are. But, um... I know there are plenty of you in the US, and none of you ever call me. I... I don't know. I don't know what else to say other than that. It's like... I need human contact. I have like, zero friends in... in the real world, and... human contact um... is just... something we all need at some point in our lives. Some more than others, but... I do like human contact. So, if you could contact me, that'd be great.
Might get my mind off of Alex, who is becoming a REAL, real pest. And I'm just... I... I don't know what else to DO. I'm starting to... I'm starting to get very annoyed with him. I... I just like... He gets mad at... at me for things that aren't even my domain. It's like he doesn't.... It's like he's getting mad at himself and he has to take it out on somebody. Er... I mean... I don't know. 'Cause...
Well, I think I've been boring you for long enough. Um... I'm gonna end this for now. More later tonight. Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo

Yet another "Frank the Goat appreciates your call" message.
Tags: annoyed, depression, frustrated, icon, lj, procrastinating, stress, voiceposts, work

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