Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Voice Post: Almost Hurricane = No Power

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“Hey, it's me. We're out of power because there was a HUGE storm. Like... It was almost like a hurricane. Had the flag bending. Flagpole almost snapped. Things blowing off the porch. It was... HAIL... I mean it was... it was bad. And knocked the power out, so I got no... got no power. It was kind of scary, but after it calmed down, we decided we're going to sit here... sit down and play Uno. And I ended up losing. Oh well.
So, uh... I guess I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, if the power's back on. Um... Oh, I gotta remind... This will be a reminder to myself to uh... transcribe those phone posts I did while I was on vacation, and also to tell you about the dream I had last night. Uh... It was pretty weird. Anyway, talk to you later. Bye”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: dreams, storm, uno, voiceposts

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