Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Computer Settings Question

Alright... I have all the data on my old hard drives copied over to my shiny new drive. Currently, I have a folder called "Hard Drives" in my root directory, and each of the old hard drives are copied into a separate folder inside there. (It took up 137 GB total, but that should go down, because many of the files on my really old drive are duplicated on my old drive, so they'll be overwritten when I copy them into the main directories, freeing up space.) Now, I want to take the files of my main old drive and move them to their normal folders on the new drive. What I want to know is where hardware information is stored on a Windows XP computer, so I'm not overwriting any of that and screwing up the new computer. My main concern is whether any hardware information is stored in the "Documents and Settings" folder. If not, I'm just going to copy that to where it goes on the new drive and go from there, since all my settings should be transferred.

If you know of any place on a Windows XP machine where hardware configurations or files are stored, please comment on this post.
Tags: computer, question

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