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Why do 9-year-olds have to be crazy?

I was taking KJ to school today and he was going off on some oddball topic. I told him "You know you're about as sharp as a bowling ball?" He responds "That's still sharp enough to KILL ya!"
Anyone who's cut someone with a bowling ball, I salute you.

In other news, I've noticed that many LJ friends of mine haven't friended me back.
*makes a list*

*goes over list* It's not like these people don't know me... If they're not friends by my birthday, I'll bug them until either they friend me or they give me a good reason why they didn't and aren't going to.

Edit: Have updated due to friending. People who are my friends now are crossed off and new people who still haven't added me are in the second list.
Tags: annoyed, funny, kj, lj, odd_stories

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