Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Catching Up on Life

Well, I'm trying to catch my journal up to my life. I bought a few books with the Barnes & Noble gift card from Christmas. I've read them already. I also got a nice new stereo system with the Best Buy gift card. It's a whole lot better than the old one, plus it's got a subwoofer and a DVD player. No tape player, though, but I can just hook my old Walkman up to it if I want. My birthday's coming up, and my mom got me a few presents early: Kingdom Come, which was really good; a headset for my cell phone; DSL for a year; and tickets to In The Beginning up at Sight & Sound on my birthday. I also ordered some nice wireless headphones for myself with a whole bunch of Coke points. (If you sign up with this link and collect 50 points on your account, I get 10 points. Probably won't get anyone, but hey, I have to try.)

Here's the list of the books I've read, in no particular order:
  • The Regime by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
  • The Rapture by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
  • Kingdom Come by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins
  • New Spring by Robert Jordan
  • Crossroads of Twilight by Robert Jordan
  • Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan
  • Pet Peeve by Piers Anthony
  • To Reign in Hell by Greg Cox
  • Articles of the Federation by Keith R. A. DeCandido (re-read)
  • Avatar: Book 1 by S.D. Perry
  • Avatar: Book 2 by S.D. Perry
  • Section 31: Rogue by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin
  • Section 31: Shadow by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • String Theory: Book 2: Fusion by Kristen Beyer
  • String Theory: Book 3: Evolution by Heather Jarman
  • Vanguard: Harbinger by David Mack
  • Vanguard: Summon the Thunder by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore
  • Tales from the Captain's Table
    • Improvisations on the Opal Sea: A Tale of Dubious Credibility by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
    • Darkness by Michael Jan Friedman
    • Pain Management by Peter David
    • IoDnI'pu' vavpu' je by Keith R. A. DeCandido
    • The Officers' Club by Heather Jarman
    • Have Beagle, Will Travel: The Legend of Porthos by Louisa M. Swann
    • Iron and Sacrifice by David R. George III
    • Seduced by Christie Golden
    • An Easy Fast by John J. Ordover
  • S. C. E.: Aftermath
    • Aftermath by Christopher L. Bennett
    • Ishtar Rising by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels
    • Buying Time by Robert Greenberger
    • Collective Hindsight by Aaron Rosenberg
    • The Demon by Loren L. Coleman and Randall N. Bills
I also have Voyages of Imagination by Jeff Ayers, which is more of a reference book than something for reading.

I'm currently working on The Fellowship of the Ring, which is the book I've been reading bit by bit in between other books. I hit a slow part, and even though many Tolkein fans will hate me for saying this, I didn't like Tom Bombadil. I found him too annoying for my taste. Oh, he's a good, noble character, but so was Neelix.
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