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From Birthday to Now...

Well, I mentioned earlier that I went to Sight and Sound on my birthday. My mom took me and Mrs. Mary. It was a wonderful production. It also gave me a new view of Satan. I always pictured him as a big, bad demon who's just pure evil. (That's not saying that he isn't that.) Well, I saw Satan in a new light: petty, disgruntled employee. Also, Mrs. Mary gave me a third view: jealous lover. That's probably a more accurate view than I had. Well, the production was done very well. It was done so well, in fact, that I didn't notice the glitch in the video equipment until someone mentioned it to me. The animatronics were so well done that the only way you could tell they were not real was by their movements, not their looks. All of the costumes and rituals reminded me of a combination of Pacific Islanders and Native Americans, with a small touch of "caveman" in the garments. I thought it was quite neat. One of my favorite bits was Nod, who had a yellow mohawk. All in all, I had a wonderful time.

After the production, the three of us went to Hershey Farm for dinner. It was packed, of course, being right next to the theater. Plus, there were bus-loads of people coming, too. Well, we got a reservation and waited about 45 minutes. While waiting, I decided to go over to the little farmyard area next door. They had chickens and goats in two pens. One mother goat was on the roof of the enclosure, eating a tree. Her kid was romping around everywhere having so much fun. Of course, it started trying to headbutt the chickens. Of course, the chickens are all, "Are you an idiot? I am not a goat! I'm a freaking CHICKEN!" Also, fights between roosters are funny. Well, we had dinner, and it was very good. Good food, and good time with family and friends. After dinner, my mom and Mrs. Mary went over to the gift shop. I was there for a little while, but most of that time was checking out the puzzles. I saw one of those horseshoe-ring-chain puzzles and tried to remember how it was done. It took about five minutes for me to remember. After that, I went back out to the farmyard area. It was raining a little bit and almost all the animals had gone under shelter. The lone exception was a rooster that was soaking wet, sitting on the fence. I went up to him slowly, making sure he realized I was friendly. I petted him on the back a few times and he was fine. Then, I started petting him on his comb and he went to sleep. It was the cutest thing. After they were done, we went home.

Two weeks later, I went on the FRBC retreat. Arthur Williams did the speaking and I had a good time. It was kind of boring Saturday afternoon. We had a little carnival thing. I went to that and had a little fun, but it was mostly oriented at children, with the moon bounce, dunk tank, etc. I bought a shirt, had some cotton candy, watched people getting dunked, then went back to the "hotel" (or whatever you want to call it). I played several games of chess with people. I didn't win at any of them, but some weren't complete games, as the people left in the middle. On the way home on Sunday, Dan, Tom Major, Jr., and I were in the car when we saw Tom's sister, Greta, and her friends on the highway. Since we were going from and to the same spots (Greenwood Hills to Tom's house), we decided to race. Of, course, we mostly had to do the speed limit, but it was fun, especially taunting them out the window and through cell phones. In the end, we were only one car-length behind them getting home.

Two Thursdays ago, the Sennheiser wireless headphones I ordered from MyCokeRewards came in. I hooked them up and have been loving them ever since. They have a 300-foot range, which is sweet! I can now do my chores, and all sorts of stuff, while still listening to my music on my computer. I can also watch movies and listen to music when my mom is trying to sleep or something. They have increased my productivity by eliminating other distractions. Now, I've just got one, and it's audible-only. (My typical distraction while doing chores is TV.)

Two Fridays ago, my dad, after work, dropped off Gabriel at his house. He gave him a table he could use. Then, my dad said Gabe would come back with "something" to give to us. It turns out that "something" was a cat. Her name was "Ravage" and she was named after the Transformer. My parents didn't like that and renamed her "Rachel." I'm not too keen on "Rachel" either, but it stays. She's a nice six-year-old cat, but she doesn't get along well with the rest of the cats or the dogs, so we're trying to find another home for here. Until then, she's staying in the bathroom.

Two Sundays ago, we found out a local landmark for about 30 years was gone. The Dunkin' Donuts over on Belair Road had burned down. The whole thing was gutted. All that was left were the concrete parts, some ceiling beams, and some burnt shingles. Some person spray-painted on the concrete wall "No Donuts." I thought it was funny. However, we're going to miss that place.

Last Thursday, I was getting breakfast over at Geri's when a guy was walking out with a Hefty garbage bag box with a little orange tabby kitten in it. He asked me if I would take it. I hesitated, seeing the cute kitten, but also thinking that we had just gotten another cat recently. The guy said if I didn't, he was just going to let him back out on the street where he found him. That settled it for me, because I could see this poor kitten getting run over. I took him, and Jeannie kept him for the day while we were at work. He was frisky and wanted to explore all the time, but once we got him in one of the boxes a case of paper comes in (and poked holes in it, of course), he settled down. We took him home, and after a few days, he's adjusted to the other cats and dogs very well, even if a few of them haven't yet. He's quite playful. My mom named him "Chester" after Chester Cheetah.

Also on Thursday, I came into my room and found all the screws I keep in my keyboard holder, along with my three joke keys (Any, Damn It, and Panic) on the floor. My mom said she didn't realize she's knocked them down. I was quite annoyed when cleaning them up, because I wasn't exactly sure how many screws I had in there and I didn't want to step on any. Also, she cracked my Panic key. I decided to use the sticky pads and stick them on my keyboard once and for all.

This week, I'm taking my vacation from work. Tom said I had five days to use by July, so I took this week off. I also scheduled my A+ Software test for Wednesday and A+ Hardware for Friday. Hopefully, I'll get them under my belt and be more attractive to companies, so I can get out of Maryland Repro.

Finally, my mom has had Grand Jury duty since May 7, and it doesn't end until September 7. She could have gotten out of it easily, but her boss dragged her feet in getting the paperwork together, and missed the deadline. (This woman is now her ex-boss.) So, now, my mom has four months of Grand Jury, and she gets paid by Maryland General Hospital (minus the $15 a day you get for being on jury duty). The hospital has been struggling a bit to keep up without her. She's tried to give them advice on how to cope without her, and it's worked some. She's also gone back to work a few days she was off from Grand Jury for various reasons. She says she likes it there and finds it interesting. She's also been part of the indictment of a few local headline cases.

Well, I've got to be getting to sleep, so I can get up tomorrow and study.
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