Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Last Night's Dream

In the process of going to sleep tonight, I remembered the dream I had last night. I was delivering a package for my work. (Strange, because I have no car, and also no driver's license.) I'm suddenly at the site of what I think is Beatty Harvey's offices, going to drop off the package. I'm trying to drop it off to Pam Weigle, my frequent contact there in real life. However, I end up entering a hotel, for some reason. The clerk informs me that I'm at the wrong address and that I'm looking for next door. So, I go out the back door of the hotel, and next door to the construction site (which is mostly the actual site, except the second tower is now separate from the rest of the building). I'm going all throughout the site, looking for elevators, which I can't seem to find. The site is inexplicably empty of people, and also of equipment. I'm wandering around there for a long time, and I start to worry that Jimmie (my boss) will call me up on the radio asking why I'm taking so long. (He doesn't.) I end up at a trailer next to the site, and enter it. It's furnished nicely inside, and has several reception areas. (From what I remember, it was bigger on the inside than on the outside, though I didn't notice that while I was dreaming.) I go up to one and ask for Pam, expecting to be able to deliver it in person. However, I'm told that that's not allowed and to leave the package there. I do, and leave the trailer. As I'm walking out of the trailer, I meet my mom, who informs me that she's put my resume in there. I'm baffled at this because I have no construction experience and no aspirations in that direction. However, before I can say anything, I wake up.
Tags: dreams

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