Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore


Before I forget, I had an interesting dream a few nights ago.

My mom was driving a car. My dad was in the front passenger seat. I was in the back. Well, my dad didn't want to go through the tunnel. So my mom went on a road that went down under a building. Underneath the building, there was a diagonal grid of concrete poles, and the ceiling was low. (I could hit my head if I got out of the car and stood up.) So, we're driving through the spaces between the columns, and I say "We've got to go that way to get out." I'm pointing towards the right corner ahead, where there is a small gap in the wall we're coming up on. However, once we get there, the gap has inexplicably widened. We stop for some reason, and I get out. I go to a small alcove to my right where the ceiling is slightly higher. I'm looking at the concrete wall, and I see sunlight coming in from the top of the wall, which is about nine feet above me. I hear background noises of a light industrial area. Right above me, there are thin (less than two inches wide) pipes, which come out of the wall that's above my head and to the right, and go across the alcove and through the other wall. There are some right-angled parts to the pipes, like they were meant to go over something that no longer was there. There was a brown-haired man to my left in my peripheral vision, dressed in a light blue casual dress shirt and dark brown khaki pants. He's in his 30s and his hair was mussed. However, he walks off casually before I can even do anything. I'm still looking at the pipes. Up on them, there are two cats. On my left, there's an orange tabby who looks similar to my cat Ginger, and to my right, there's a white and brown tabby who looks similar to my cat Opie. However, the orange one is male and the white and brown one is female. I say, "I'll name you Euclid and you Eunice." Right after I name them, I go to pet them. However, Eunice moseys on off to the left, so I pet Euclid. That's when I woke up.
Tags: dreams

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