Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

It's Censorship Time, Boys and Girls!

Jimmie asked me to take these three entries off the public internet because I made remarks that he didn't like. Apparently, it's much easier for people to ask others to censor their free speech than it is to actually FIX their bad behavior. I made those entries friends-only.

I am under the belief that people tend to fear me. I believe they fear me due to my intelligence. I believe they fear me because I am truthful, and the truth sometimes hurts. I believe they fear me because I am blunt. I believe they fear me because I am open, and I am willing to point fingers and name names. I believe they fear me because I hold them accountable for their actions. I believe they fear me because they know I will expose them for who and what they really are. I believe they believe I will crack their barriers, pop their bubbles, and make them exposed, naked, and uncomfortable before the world. The only people who should be afraid of that are those who are weak on the inside. Instead of taking the time to build up their inner strength, they have spent their time building up outward defenses, so no one can attack them. Rather than being an egg in a safe, they should be an exposed bowling ball. If someone knows the combination to the safe, or picks the lock, there's nothing protecting the egg. However, the bowling ball is much more able to withstand things it comes in contact with. So, I am feared because I have the intelligence to find the kinks in their emotional armor, and the ability and willingness to exploit and undermine the weaknesses, leaving them unprotected and afraid. I, on the other hand, expose my emotions and thoughts. If you make me angry, I will tell you right out that I want to stab you in the eye with a pen, or something to that effect. However, over the long run, I'm much more stable and things don't leave much of a lasting impression on me.

Make of this rant what you will, if indeed that is what it truly is. I'm not really sure what to make of what I just wrote. It is the absolute, unvarnished truth, as usual. Perhaps, just as sticks and logs are made into furniture, my thoughts can be cleaned up, polished, and made into something beautiful. I just don't feel I am the one with the skill to do that. I bring out raw elements, and give them to others, ready to be refined into something of worth.
Tags: annoyed, journal, life, lj, thoughtful_stuff, work

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