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I need to think before acting...

Just now, I was eating Chocolate Lover's Chips Deluxe cookies and drinking milk. I was dunking one of the cookies in the milk while I waited to get online. The cookie slipped and fell into the milk. It floated for a second and I went to grab it, but I was just a hair's breadth away from grabbing it as it sank to the bottom. So there I am with a cookie slowly becoming soggy at the bottom of my 2/3-filled glass trying to figure out how to get it out before it just becomes mush. My entire hand doesn't fit, so I think of something else. I take my hand and cover the top and flip the thing upside down. Well, there goes the cookie. It was sitting right on my hand. Now to figure out how to get it out without wasting the milk everywhere. I get the idea to tip it partway, grab the cookie, then re-cover the glass and re-flip it. However, in the process of reorienting my hand to grab the cookie, part of my palm lost contact with the rim of the glass and milk started pouring out onto the carpet. I quickly re-covered, but not before half the contents were on the floor. I decided that that wasn't the best approach. I try a new plan where, instead of my hand, I use my mouth and chin to stopper the glass, flip it, grab the cookie with my teeth, then flip it back. Well, it works up until the part where the milk starts tickling my chin where my beard stubble is. I surpress a giggle, but it's too late. My chin moved, severing chin-glass contact and spilling about half of the remaining contents onto my shirt. Needless to say, I got fed up by then and just drank the rest of the milk and got the cookie out manually. Then, I find out that the cookie is surprisingly still crunchy even after 3 minutes at the bottom of a glass of milk.

In other news, I'll have to delay the bugging of people to friend me until tommorrow because I need to get to babysitting. Catch you in the morning.
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