Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore


Last night, I sort of confirmed and sort of myth-busted something. I had a dream that I was in church, walking from one side of the back aisle to the other. Tom Schetelich was preaching, and the PowerPoint was up, as usual. There was some sort of poem on the screen, but there was something strange about reading it. It was full of the words "glig"and "glug" used as nouns and verbs. Examples: "There were 20 glugs in a glig." "All the gligs were glugged." That was about it in the dream, other than Tom speaking about the gligs and glugs, saying that the poem worked better visually than verbally.

So, of course, what this concerns is the question of whether people are able to read things in dreams. The well-known "fact" is that it's impossible to read anything in your dreams. My dream contradicts this, somewhat. While there were no major words that were decipherable, I was able to read connecting words, like conjunctions and prepositions and such. So, while I was unable to read anything for comprehension, there were plenty of words that I could read. They were just in sentences that didn't make sense.

So, since I don't watch Myth-Busters, would this be "Myth Confirmed," "Myth Busted," or something else?
Tags: dreams, question

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