Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

An Open Letter to Alex

Dear Alex Partyka,

You read my journal, hunh? Well, read this. Read it all. Read it well. Read it several times, if you need to. You wonder why I don't like you? Well, now you will find out.
  1. You think you know everything. You don't. No one does. Face it. You're human.
  2. You think you're always right. You're not. No one is. Face it. You're human.
  3. You act like you're my boss. You're not. Jimmie is. Period.
  4. You question my actions while I'm trying to get work done. I hate that.
  5. You take things that are working, mess with them, and make it so they don't work any more. Take the scanner software, for example. You just had to "upgrade" it when it was already working fine. Now, we can't name stuff as easily, since the interface is broken in the new version. Think I'm lying? Ask Scott, Jimmie, Darryl, or Wayne. They'll tell you the same thing. Look how long it took you to fix the 2105 and put it back on the network.
  6. You hate the Christian music I have on, so you think it's OK to just come on over and turn it off. That is NOT OK.
  7. Your jokes are pathetic and annoying. While this in itself is not a problem, when it is added to the rest, just exacerbates the problem.
  8. You treat me cruelly, and then laugh like it's a joke. You know what I call that? A sadist. I've told you time and again not to mock me, and yet you continue to do it. You must get a kick out of my pain.
  9. You hate it when I help other people. I just can't get my head around that.
  10. You think it's OK to drink and have sex at parties all night every night, and then sleep the day away at work. Also, you have your grandmother deluded into thinking you're a perfect angel, when you're not. However, your grandmother is easily deluded, so that's not saying much.
  11. You come in late to work all the time. Work starts at 8:30 AM, not 9, not 10, not 11, and not whenever you feel like coming in. This is probably connected to the previous item.
  12. You sit at the computer most of the day not doing anything. (Sleeping doesn't count as doing something.) Get up and actually DO something.
  13. You are completely irresponsible. Where were you on Friday instead of being at work? You were locked up for DUI. Just let me know the next time you decide to go around on your attempted murder spree, so I can get off the road.
After some thought, I think I know why you do some of these things. You are afraid of me. You are afraid of losing your comfy job. You are afraid I can do it better than you can, and I'll actually show people that you aren't actually doing anything. You are working from fear and denial. You know you can't actually make it in the real world, and you realize that when you're 30, 40, or 50, you'll still be at Maryland Repro, while I'll be out in the world making real money. However, due to your denial, you can't consciously admit that.

Out of all the family members of yours I've met, Aaron is the most normal of the bunch, and Trish comes in a close second, and Randy's mom comes third. You, Josh, Drew, Mrs. Shirley, and Randy are all absolutely nuts.

Do you have anything to say in response? Want to complain about my faults? If you have anything to say, make a comment on this post.


Disgruntled Coworker

Tags: angry, work

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