Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore


Well, I'm feeling pretty OK, but bad at the same time.

One thing I should mention is that, while I've known for some time that water is a poor conductor for heat, I've never had that work to my advantage before. I went to take a nice hot bath to soak my leg, which now feels almost fine, but looks like Elephant Man. Halfway through filling up the tub, I realized that with my fever, I should be wanting to get my temperature DOWN not up. So, I turned off the hot water, turned on the cold, and let the tub fill the rest of the way. You know what happened? My upper thighs and butt were nice and toasty and my feet were ice cold. It felt GREAT... However, since water still does conduct heat, after about 5 to 10 minutes, I ended up sitting in a tub of lukewarm water, which just felt awful, so I got out. But for a brief time there, I felt so good...

Another thing is that I had an interesting dream last night. Actually, it was more like two dreams, one which segued into another. Well, at first, I was exploring some ancient pyramids of Mexico. (Are these Maya, Aztec, or something else?) I was the third guy on the team, and the two other guys seemed to know a whole lot more about what they were doing than I did. I was just kind of wandering behind them, catching snippets of conversation and gazing at the artwork. Well, at some point, we came across a passageway downward and it was unbelievably straight, long, wide, and short. Now, when I say long and straight, I'm talking in terms of straighter than the curvature of the earth. The passageway was just tall enough for me to brush my head against the ceiling if I wasn't careful. It was at least 100 feet wide. The sides were curved out like semicircles. So, while we're walking along this long, long, long, long corridor, I'm just kind of keeping up and wondering what purpose this tunnel served. Well, we finally get to the end and find the other end covered in a single large square piece of plywood. We knock it off and find ourselves in the Sahara desert, within visual distance of the Sphinx. The plywood was the exact same color as the sand. So, while my companions go explore the Sphinx, I stay behind, still wondering what the purpose of this is. Well, after a short while of going into a carved door in the Sphinx's right paw, my companions come running out, scrambling to get back to the tunnel. I see what's following them. Slowly, methodically marching behind them are the terra cotta warriors from China. So, I made a run for it back down the tunnel.

This is where it segued into the other dream, because now, I wasn't running down the tunnel, but through some corridors of a school, with the principal (or some other authority figure) chasing after me. I raced through rooms, around lockers, up stairs, down stairs, through gyms, and just about every other type of school environment. I really didn't know what I'd done, but I knew that if I was caught, something REALLY BAD was going to happen to me. So I kept running, and I managed to evade the authority figure long enough to catch my breath, and get my bearings. At this point, I stepped outside the school to get a look around. Cars were in a line, coming into the parking lot. It was at this point I remembered that whatever I'd done would hurt my school's chances in some regional competition if I were caught. I met up with a girl who was one of my friends (though I've never seen her before in real life). She suggested doing some Alias-type stuff to get onto the roof, and hide out there for a while. Then, she went and did that, by turning a tree into a big slingshot and shooting herself up to the roof. However, just as she landed, she got caught. I then had the brainwave to disguise myself as Santa Claus, sit in a lawn chair, and serve lemonade out of a cooler to the incoming cars. Apparently, this worked, because the authority figure couldn't find me at all before the results of the competition were in. Well, I snuck into the back of the room when the results were announced, and found out that the whole school had been disqualified, because we had failed to do one of the requirements. It turned out that the teacher relaying the requirements had left the one out as some sort of political statement, and everyone's stuff was null and void. Well, I felt relieved, because whatever I had done had meant nothing to begin with, and couldn't hurt the school.

At this point, I woke up.

Well, I'm off back to bed, because my leg's becoming a bother again. I hope my temperature stays down, like it has been. However, I wonder if my normal dreams are this weird, or whether it's just these fever dreams that are odd.
Tags: dreams, sick

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