Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Health Progress

Well, I had a Doppler flow study on my legs today, which checked my veins for blood clots. The doctor didn't expect any, but just wanted to be on the safe side. If I have my way, I'm never doing that again. It's pretty much the same thing they do with ultrasound to check on babies in the womb, but because they have to check my veins, they have to push down REALLY hard. It's not so bad on the main part of my legs, but in that crease between your thigh and your crotch, it becomes VERY uncomfortable, almost to the point of painful. The nurse doing the procedure said, "Stop fighting me, or I'll just have to press harder." I said, "I'm not TRYING to fight you. It's just VERY uncomfortable." Well, after being slimed up and being poked for an hour, she was finally done. (Just after typing that sentence, I realize how kinky it sounds. *chuckles*) She didn't see anything, but she's not an expert.

Well, being at school now, I'm quite bored. This last class is all review, and the teacher teaches nothing. I'm almost finished the book I'm reading. I just have about two pages to go. I'll post a book list in my upcoming life post, which I'm currently about half done, even though it's at home.
Tags: books, journal, life, lj, school, sick

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