Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Update Part 1

I'm taking a page from deceptica's book and I'm going to write out my posts when I have time, and post them later, when I have access. (I won't be doing the backdating, though.)

First off, last Wednesday morning, I was going across the street from work to pick up my food from Geri's. Well, when I got to the corner across the street, I could hear music cranked up loud, coming from the third floor, above Geri's. I could also clearly hear two guys grunting, "Unhhh! Unhh! Unhh! Unhh!" (I'm guessing they tried to cover the grunting with the music and failed miserably.)
My feeling is that, if you're going to sit there and have loud sex, don't do it right in front of a window, especially on a very busy public street. It's quite annoying.

It really made me wish I had an elliptical reflector dish.
Tags: annoyed, odd_stories, work

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