Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Voice Post: College Graduation!

179K 1:03
“Hey guys! I'm here at my graduation from TESST College! And, it's a little bit of pandemonium here, but uh... that SHOULD settle down uh... once the... they... schedule... once they start the thing. But it's uh... Actually, there's not... there's very few of my classmates actually here. Um... To, I mean... Because of the staggered, uh... rotation, uh... the people I KNOW either graduated before me or after me. I only got three... no, FOUR classmates graduating WITH me, and uh... that's just um... and only three of them are here. Well, um... I guess I'll talk to you guys later. And my Mom's taking me out to Silver Spring Mining Company afterwards. Yay! I get to eat the crab pretzel. I love that crab pretzel. OK, guys. Bye.”

Transcribed by: admiralmemo
Tags: happy, school, voiceposts

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