Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Bad Day

Just because my dad is technologically stupid doesn't mean he has to yell at ME about it when I'm trying to explain the problem to him, even if I couldn't come up with a solution.
Why is it that he acts just like a little kid? If it doesn't work, yell, scream and throw a fit. That's his answer to everything.

And Rudy, one of my dogs, just bit me.

I am not doing good today.

I am just glad I don't have some sort of gun or other weapon, or I'd be in prison right now.

Edit: And now, in the process of turning around, I knocked my cell phone into my cup of Vault, which promptly spilled that all over the floor. Arg! Grrrr....
Tags: angry, animals, annoyed, dad, dogs, family, stress

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