Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Not QUITE Back Up to Speed...

As you can see, I am online again. My OS is still shot, however. I'm on through the magic of a bootable Ubuntu CD that Adrian at work gave me. I've learned several things. First, the entire upstairs of the house (except for a single outlet) is stupidly all on a single circuit, which is also the circuit that they patched the porch outlet into. So, now, if the Christmas lights blow, everything on the second floor goes with it. This happened three times Saturday and once today. We're currently leaving the lights out until we can get an electrician in here. The problem with the computer is that the third time it happened on Saturday, the computer was rebooting from the second time. Something got corrupted, and my OS went kaput. (I've corrected the BIOS on this, so now, when the power comes back on, the computer doesn't automatically start back up. Future prevention, yes, but it doesn't solve the immediate problem.) Second, I found out that the "PC Recovery" program that came with my computer is a load of crap. All it will do is format my hard drive and return the computer to factory settings. Great, if you're trying for a last resort. Terrible, if a single OS file is corrupted and you've got gigs of data on your drive. Third, with this Ubuntu CD, I've found that all my data is fine, and I just need to back it up and reinstall the OS. I'm a bit tired of Windows at this point, but I need it if I want to play my games, so I'm stuck. Oh well... Anyway, I'm going to go back to resetting my clock and alarms (again!) and then watch The Tuxedo. When going to bed, I'll be catching up on the books I've been neglecting while putzing around on the computer. I finished reading The Great Starship Race by Diane Carey, and I'm currently reading Q-in-Law by Peter David.

(I wonder what music programs are loaded onto Ubuntu. Perhaps I'll get my playlist going again for a while.)
Tags: books, computer, movies, music, work

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