Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

The Church Sign

Alright, this just irked me. Ever since my parents went on their trip to Israel, I've had to take the bus to work. The bus stop I stand at is right outside St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. There is one stop slightly closer to my house, but it's got bad visibility, and I feel I might get jumped or something. So, I stand outside the church, waiting.

Since it's been windy lately, I've been standing right in front of their church sign to stay out of the wind and stay warmer. Today, I had some woman from the church come out and complain about me standing in front of the sign, because, apparently, people riding by can't read the sign. I've got several points to make about this.

First, it's nice and convenient. To not stand behind a windbreak would be to be miserable. I'm not going to stand there and be miserable.

Second, I've been standing there for two and a half weeks, and you're only just now coming out to complain?

Third, I only stand there for a maximum of fifteen minutes, and usually, only five minutes.

Fourth, even if you didn't complain, today was my last day standing there, anyway. You didn't do a thing.

Fifth, the sign has two sides. I'm only blocking one of them. You want to read it? Look at the other side.

Sixth, the sign is only changed once a week. If you can't read it, just come back some other time, or another day.

Seventh, I'm not Catholic, have no wish to become Catholic, and have no desire for any other people to become Catholic. I consider them the Pharisees of the modern age. They are so steeped in rules, regulations, and ceremonies (mainly of their own devising), that they've completely missed the point of Christianity. This is not to say that there aren't Christians in Catholicism, or that Catholics aren't fine people, but, by and large, ceremony has replaced the relationship with Christ.

Edit: In my annoyance, I neglected to mention my eighth point. All of the sayings on the sign are things you could easily have gotten off the Internet ten years ago.
Tags: annoyed

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