Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Computer Smarts!

Your Score: Well Adjusted!

You are ... 85 Nerd, 33 Windows and 52 Linux

Computers don't scare you. You use them for what they are ... a tool to accomplish what you need to do. You may even have fun with them and the computer world. You are what everyone should tend to be.
Congratulations! The questions were not so easy :)
A few answers to the most tricky questions:
Who said : "640k ought to be enough for everybody" ?
Nobody really, it's a myth.
What was the first Internet Domain Name ever registered ?
What was the name of the very first Browser to be created ?
WorldWideWeb (Yes, I know, sounds weird but it's true)
The actual frequency a CPU is running is calculated as : Front Side Bus Speed * Clock Multiplier
How many bytes in 1 Megabyte ?
1,048,576 (1,024 * 1,024), although you will find it also equal to 1,000,000 sometimes. The 2 answers are accepted.
The protocol that made the Internet possible is called ...

Link: The Extensive Computer Science Knowledge Test written by Gulfstream
Tags: meme

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