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  • 17:47 Jimmie doesn't like what I said about him on my journal. I told him I wouldn't lie and that was how I felt at the time. #
  • 17:50 Things may change with time, though. However, if he can't deal with the truth, that's his problem. The truth should be what changes you. #
  • 19:19 My pants are slipping again. This SHOULD be a good thing, since I'm overweight. #
  • 08:29 I'm already bored and I just got here. #
  • 08:43 Pitiful... The drunks are trying to get their liquor this early in the morning and one woman brought her little daughter with her. #
  • 08:47 Through listening to the conversation, I found out the woman isn't the three-year-old's mother. She's her NANNY. #
  • 11:13 Jimmie is too unpredictable for me sometimes. #
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Tags: annoyed, random_stuff, twitter, work

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