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Dad's not doing well...

First, he comes home to a half a dozen leaks in the kitchen ceiling. Then, while closing the door, the vibration knocks the flourescent light onto the floor, shattering it. Then, while climbing down the ladder, he slipped and fell onto the roofing plywood, hurting his side. (Good thing he didn't fall all the way down to the deck, or he'd have been very seriously injured.)

One good thing happened. While prying up a piece of wood, he found the major section of the ant colony. He sprayed their butts and killed them all. With the colony destroyed, however, the scouts decided that they would raid the sink. I sprayed their butts, too.

Update: Well, the rain's gotten worse and David had to go home. I was helping my dad on the roof and almost slipped off. I'm glad I grabbed anything I could and didn't fall through. The leaks are worse and we can't stop them. We've done all we can and prayers are the only thing that can help now. He's going to the hospital to check to see if he's got a broken rib. We don't think that's what he's got, but we've got to be sure. I'm staying home to take care of the animals and empty the buckets where it's leaking.

Prayers and hopes are needed for my dad. Thanks.
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