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From My Twitter:

  • 19:44 is having a blast at the Steven Curtis Chapman / Michael W. Smith concert at the Hippodrome. #
  • 19:56 sends up another prayer for the Chapman family to help them through their loss. #
  • 20:35 ping.fm/v/5Ckt6 #
  • 22:31 The concert was awesome, but it only can further confuse me as to who sings which song. #
  • 12:30 The sooner Alex burns, the better. #
  • 12:42 It must be great to be family to the boss. You can come in late, sleep, jack off, and lie on your time card and still get paid for it. #
  • 12:52 I think my main problem in life is that I have no respect for people less intelligent than me. #
  • 13:04 I can't figure out why Alex doesn't realize that I don't like him messing with my computer the same way he doesn't like me on his. #
  • 13:13 Apparently, it's all fine and dandy for Alex to waste money, but not for me. I'm thinking of starting my plan to siphon money out of here. #
  • 13:23 The people here deliberately make my life hard. Why don't they appreciate it when I return the favor? #
  • 13:40 Eugenics should be the way of the world. It would rid us of idiots in just one or two generations. #
  • 13:58 I'm thinking Alex may have just been pissed off because he didn't get his two pizzas today and just got one. Maybe I'll cut him some slack. #
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