Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Thursday Night's Dream

Alright, I mentioned it before, and I got it written down at work, so here it is: my dream from Thursday night.

I somehow ended up walking down a hallway, similar to the one in FarFarAway's map, which I watched Thursday night. However, the lights were very dark, instead of bright. I walked into a crossing hallway, which was about 20 feet long and about 5 feet wide, gothic-styled, and had doorways to hallways at each end on both sides. I was coming into the hallway from the bottom left doorway. There were little demon imps and gargoyle heads coming to get me. There were 10 of each. The gargoyle heads were made of concrete, squarish, with big wide, rectangular mouths and 10 triangular teeth, 5 on top, and 5 on the bottom. The gargoyle heads were approximately 2 feet tall, 1.5 feet wide, and .5 feet deep. They were originally fixed to the walls, 5 on each side. They floated at me, without any sign of wings or any visible means of levitation. They made no noise or facial movement as they floated towards me. They moved at about the speed of slow zombies. The demons, on the other hand, came from a very dark ventilation shaft at the other end of the hallway, which was about 2 feet square, with the top about head height. The imp themselves were probably 2.5 feet tall, and looked like standard imps. Probably the best description is that they looked very similar to the imps in RuneScape, except they had wings about 3 feet wide. They made mostly hisses and a couple screeches as they flew at me, and were faster than the heads, though I could outrun them, if I wanted to. I knew in my mind that I did not have the right weapon to combat them, so I went through the top left doorway. Once I stepped out of the gothic hallway, the hallway sort of reset itself. The gargoyle heads snapped back into place on the walls instantly, while the demons stopped their noise, turned around, and flew back into the ventilation shaft to wait. I somehow knew that this would happen each time I entered or left the hallway: enter = attack, exit = reset. The place I stepped into was a stairwell, just like the ones in FarFar's map, except it had a doorway to a bright hallway on the left. I decided to take the left into the hallway, rather than the stairs. The hallway was bright enough that I couldn't make out any details, or even an end, so I just ran down it. After some time, I ended up emerging in a somewhat dark room with an Olympic-sized swimming pool. However, the concrete was unpainted and it had no ropes to divide lanes. It was also in a room that had an industrial feel to it, with concrete and metal, and pipes, and some water drip stains on the walls. Also, the far wall was a huge plate glass window that looked out onto a hill, which made it very similar to the view from the pool over at CCBC Essex. Knowing that this was not where I was going to find the weapon I needed, I went out another hallway, this one to my right. This hallway was pitch-black and curvy. Where I ended up was a very brightly-lit bowling alley, looking almost exactly like the Brunswick Lanes in Perry Hall. However, it was empty of both people and most objects. There were no vending machines, no ball return machines, no video games, and no shoe rental area. I headed left, and against the far left wall, I found a few standard Half Life wooden crates stacked up. On the top crate was the gun I was looking for, a semi-standard-looking pistol, though not of any type I recognized. I did a couple crouch-jumps up to get it. Alongside the gun was a jump pack. I picked that up, too. At this point, I was now in some sort of weird hybrid mode of noclip and zero gravity. Like noclip, I just needed to look in a direction and float forward. Unlike noclip, I did not go through walls, floors, ceiling, or objects. Unlike zero gravity, when I hit those objects, I did not bounce. I merely stopped dead in my movements. Well, now that I had the gun and this noclip-like mode, I went back to the gothic hallway, though somehow I managed to bypass the pool area on my way back, merely going through the dark and bright hallways. I came back in the top left doorway and the demons and gargoyle heads started attacking again. I started to shoot the things, starting with the gargoyle heads, since a few of those were closer, even if they were slower. They exploded as I shot them, turning into explosion-puffs of concrete dust and a very few small slivers of concrete. I think the best way to describe the slivers would be like finger-sized wood splinters, but made of concrete. I destroyed 8 of the gargoyle heads before the demons got close enough to attack. At this point, I stepped back out the door, thinking it would reset, all the while, shooting the demons. The demons did not even seem fazed by the shots. However, the hallway did not reset. The demons and gargoyle heads were still confined to the hallway, but were crowded around the doorway, trying to get me, as if there were some invisible force field keeping them in the hallway. Well, I wasn't sure what to do at this point, so I went back down the bright hallway and dark hallway to the bowling alley. I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I was looking for something more effective against the demons. I wasn't too concerned about the gargoyle heads, since the gun I had already was pretty effective against them. I was back in the bowling alley, floating above the lanes, wondering what to do. At this point, I saw my father bowling. He was three lanes from the side I got the gun from, but was on my right this time, since I had turned around while floating. He was in an old-timey gas station attendant's uniform. He was also continuously bowling balls that appeared from nowhere into his hand, and he always started bowling right after the ball hit the pins. (Remember that there were no ball return machines.) I float to him and tell him about the demons chasing me. He tells me, Good luck, and it sounds like he means it, not that he was being sarcastic. I said, OK, and wandered around the alley a bit after that, not quite sure what to do. I decided to try to go back to the hallway, since I was a bit recovered by this point. However, this time, I didn't even bother using the gun. I went into the hallway and taunted the demons toward me. I ended up grabbing the last gargoyle head (I have no idea where the other one went) and turning it around in my hands so the face was away from me. The moment I grabbed it, it went inert and was pretty much just like a cinder block, except with a face away from me. I then took off down the top right hallway. The demons chased me down there, one right on my heels, two about 2 feet behind him, and countless others behind them that I couldn't see, since it was so dark, but knew were there. The hallway was about as dark as the first hallway I encountered. Then, it made a left turn, followed quickly by a right turn, so the hallway was still going parallel to the original direction, just a little to the left of where the other part was. Well, I made the left turn, then floated up to the ceiling corner and waited for the demon to fly around the hallway corner. Just as he did, I threw the gargoyle head at him, which made a nice smash. It left much more debris than when I shot it, and the demon was either dead or unconscious under the rubble. At this point, I knew that I had used my only effective weapon against them and needed to retreat. It was also at this point that I realized that the demons were no longer confined to the gothic hallway. I started looking around for an escape. Somehow, in the process of me looking around, the demon's corpse vanished while I wasn't looking, leaving only the concrete debris of the gargoyle head. Well, I looked around and saw a blue trap-door on the floor a bit down the hallway, so I went to it. The trap-door was much more futuristic-looking than anything else in the dream. I opened it and climbed down. Suddenly, the trap-door disappeared and I was hanging with no grip for climbing down, merely hanging by my fingers on the lip of the door. I looked around and I was hanging right over a sound booth positioned at the top on one side of a circular stadium. I then realized that I wasn't too far from the floor, so I just dropped right in front of the mixer board. I looked around at the stadium. It was completely circular and not an oval, like most stadiums I know. It also had seating all the way down to a center area that was probably 8 feet in diameter, at most. I ran down the aisle to the center area, which was laid out like some sort of classical music performance area. I hid behind one of the seats and waited, knowing the demons were still chasing me. I looked around and noticed a few things. First, that the stadium had sort of a half dome. It wasn't like a half-dome as in you take a bowl and slice it in half vertically. It was like you took the bowl, sliced it horizontally, and flipped the ring part upside down. I also noticed it was a very dark night outside, with stars above the dome. I somehow knew the moon was out and blocked by the dome, though I couldn't see it. I looked back to the sound booth area, knowing the demons were still searching for me. Then, somehow, a sandwich materialized in my hand and I ate it, all while watching the trap-door for more demons. It was at this point I woke up.

So... Pretty weird, hunh?
Tags: dreams

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