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My mom got safely back from Jamaca last night...

She's fine, but her luggage is not. *grumbles @ airline*
They came into Philly and then they held the plane up an entire hour because an international flight was late and 7 people were missing. Well, when my mom got to Baltimore, we found out that those 7 people were THE ONLY ONES WHOSE LUGGAGE WAS ON THE FRICKING PLANE! THEY LOST AN ENTIRE PLANELOAD OF LUGGAGE! They're supposedly shipping in to the house today. *crosses fingers*

In other news, my dad wants to get Mittens, our kitten, another home. He's been playfully pouncing on all the other cats every day, but the other cats never like it (except sometimes Stamps). We're always hearing him fighting with someone somewhere in the house. I don't want him gone, but my dad is pretty much set on getting him out.

It's hard to say "No" to such a cute face.

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