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  • 20:41 got a new Droid phone & is quite happy #
  • 23:57 I just added Twitter to my Lifestream. Check out my page: lifestream.aim.com/stream/mrmemomike #
  • 00:12 I'm broadcasting from Android phone, live on Ustream - ustre.am/d0Xj #
  • 00:24 Filming right now with Qik! qik.ly/7khq #
  • 00:27 @steveking_ If they block you, that shows you their mindset, doesn't it? #
  • 02:54 @steveking_ I'm cool with being on the list. :-) (Though am I really a conservative if my views tend to slant Libertarian?) #
  • 13:59 #wheresgeorge -- Just got a hit in Cypress,TX bit.ly/c3dAkP #
  • 15:36 [www.fallensword.com] AdmrlMemo was defeated by ultranerd1 in combat! #
  • 16:10 listens to phone conversations through de-tuned wireless earphones [bored] #
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