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Annoying idiot

I was taking KJ to school today and on the way there, he was beating me with his umbrella. It didn't hurt. It was merely annoying. So, once we got to his school, I gave him a head rub (which he hates) and said, in my pseudo-tough guy voice, "Get in there, chicken legs." Well, a woman in her car saw me rubbing his head and said to me from her car, "Don't be touchin' them little kids! You don't know them." I told her, "I know him. I'm his babysitter. I was just playing with him." She gave me this look and I walked off.

I was the smart one in this engagement, since I didn't say what I felt like saying:

"First, you're not me, you've never met me, and you don't have telepathy, so how on earth would you know who I know and don't know?

"Second, I am 21 years old. Don't you think I'd be smart enough to not touch unknown people? I was playing around with his friend, but I never touched the friend because I don't know the friend that well.

"Third, even if I didn't know him and didn't know better, was I hurting him? No. I gave him a little head rub.

"Fourth, I am his babysitter, so I watch him and keep him out of trouble and danger. However, this does not mean that I can't also keep his emotional state high.

"Fifth, if you want proof that I'm who I say I am, I have his mother on speed-dial on my cell-phone right here. Ask her yourself.

"Sixth, if you are going to be complaining, at least use correct grammar. Failing to do so simply makes you look stupid."

I understand her sentiment, but I feel that some people should just keep their noses out of other people's business. Failing to do so would simply make them look like fools.

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