Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Admiral Memo and the Morning from Hell!

You know, that sounds like a good name to a book in a series. :-D

Anyway, it's too long for a tweet or a series of tweets, so I'm typing all this up here.

The story starts out last week. I got an interview with Comcast, thanks to Janai. (Thanks, by the way!) Well, the interview (by a guy who looks like Lawrence Fishburne :-D) went well, or at least I thought it did. They told me that training starts on the 17th. Alright... Sounds good. Did they tell me what time to show up? No. Of course not. So, I'm calling this whole past week, trying to ask them whether I got the job, and, if so, what time to come in. So, did I talk to anyone? Nope. Had to leave message after message. Did they call me back at any point? Nope. So yesterday, I'm wondering what to do. I decide to assume it's a regular 9-to-5 job and also decide to come in at 8 AM to show initiative. So, I program the alarm on my phone, and, as a backup, also had one on my stereo. Well, I programmed the phone alarm. Did I turn it on? No. The stereo alarm went off. Had I set the volume up high enough to hear it? No. So rather than getting into the job around 8 AM, I was just waking up at 10 minutes to 8 AM. I rushed around, got dressed, threw on my Pinky & the Brain tie, and went out the door, headed for the bus. Of course, it's raining outside, and I have no true raincoat. I just have my regular coat. Also, it's not raining hard enough to be problematic, but it's raining just hard enough to be annoying. So as I'm walking up the street, I'm getting wet, hot, and sweaty. I get about a block up when I realized that I hadn't locked the front door. So, I race back home to lock the door. I get there, and it turns out the door WAS locked, and I only thought I didn't lock it. So there's more wasted time. I race back up the street towards Belair Road to get to the bus stop. Just shortly before I got to Belair Road, I went and checked my wallet. I had a $20, a $10, and 2 $1s, as well as a small amount of change. A day pass on the bus is $3.50. Buses don't give change. I was panicking a bit. Then, I had the brainwave to go to Woodlea Bakery. I'm thinking, "This is great. I get something to eat, get some change, and have enough to get a bus day pass." Well, I get up to the door, go to open it, and find it locked. I look in at the dark store, then look at the hours of operation. They're open Tuesday through Sunday. I'm sitting there like, "What the heck is up with THAT?" Odd hours, and I still have no change. So, I decide to walk a mile up the road to the McDonald's to try this plan again there. I'm really wet, hot, and sweaty at this point. Just as I'm getting to the McDonald's, the bus comes up. So, no breakfast for me there, but two bright spots at this point. First, it's the White Marsh bus. (Not all the #15 buses end there.) Second, I remember that I'm only taking two buses today, so I can simply pay $1.60 each way and save money, and I also have enough change and bills to pay that. So, I get on the bus, thinking this is finally looking up. I pop my newly-bought albums from Rebecca Mayes on my phone and start listening. Of course, the bus driver tells me to turn it down. So, I'm listening to my music with my phone stuck up on my ear. Well, I'm hoping things will get better from this point. I finally get to the Comcast building and I'm walking in the door right at 9 AM. I'm thinking that I can salvage this bad start to a morning. Well, I get in and the guard at the desk has no record of me. I tell the guard who I talked to, and the guard calls her up. Of course, the guard gets the voicemail, too, just as I had for a week. So the guard tells me to have a seat, and wait for her to call back, since she was known to actually be in the building somewhere. I sit and wait for about five minutes and she calls back. The guard relays my message and she says she's coming down to talk to me. She comes down and tells me that I was not hired. I asked why my phone calls were not returned, informing me of this. She said that they sent me a letter. I told them I never got it, and that, knowing my luck, it was probably coming in today's mail. (Of course, it didn't.) So, I leave the building, and go stand out in the rain, wondering what to do at this point. The bus wasn't coming for at least another 45 minutes, at least. I thought I could go salvage breakfast at least. I decided to walk over to the Burger King I knew was nearby. At least, I thought it was nearby. It turns out it was a lot farther than I thought. It was about 2600 feet away. (Equivalently, that's about half a mile, 8 2/3 football fields, or a little less than 800 meters.) That's in the spitting rain, where I'm already wet, hot, sweaty, and now a little depressed. Well, on my way there, I end up noticing the LifeWay Christian Store. I think, "I haven't been there since they moved to this location from Belair Road. Let me check it out, and maybe get an application while I'm at it." So, I go up to the door, and find it locked. It was 9:15 AM and they didn't open up until 9:30. So, I walk across the street to the Burger King, grab some breakfast, and recount my horror story to the lady who waited on me. Well, I got a bit of a breather to eat breakfast, and then, just as I was done, I went back over to LifeWay to check it out. Of course, they only had online applications. I recounted my tale to the lady there, too. (I really needed to unwind.) I ended up meeting Jess Smith, from my church, in LifeWay, with her daughter. We chatted. Well, I was a little disappointed by certain reductions LifeWay made by moving into a smaller store, but I knew that sacrifices had to be made. After checking the store out, I went over to White Marsh Mall, because my mom has been hounding me to get a belt. (I hate belts, but my pants have been drooping lately, and my mom has been threatening to make me wear suspenders.) Well, two weeks ago I saw a Zelda belt buckle in Spencer's (site is NSFW) and decided that I liked it. I went to buy it, along with a belt. I had a certain belt in mind, too. It was black leather with black metal triangles going along it. I thought, "I can paint these gold and it will look cool." Well, I went in, recounted my story again, since I struck up an acquaintanceship with the staff after several visits. Well, I bought the buckle and the belt. I replace the buckle that the belt came with, and put the belt on. Well, it's way too freaking short. So I have to go back and trade it back in. Fortunately, all the belts are the same price, so it's not really a big deal. Unfortunately, they have no belts in the style I want in the size I need. They actually had very few belts in the size I need, period. Most of the ones they did have are way too gaudy for me, too. I finally settled on one that would do. I didn't like it, mainly because it had flying skulls on it, and I was looking for something simple, but I decided that the design is faint enough that I can probably get rid of it with a black marker. (I can, but it's more time-consuming than I anticipated.) I then went around to various stores in the mall, asking if I could fill out applications, with varying success. Most were not hiring, but I could still fill out an application. Half only had online applications. The one that really struck me was the Hallmark store. On their application, they want you to give them enough information for them to run a complete and thorough background check on you. What? Are advance notifications of what ornament is coming out this year matters of national security or something? Well, after that, I went to Chick-fil-A and got some lunch, then went back out to the bus stop to eat lunch and wait for the bus. I was also listening to more Rebecca Mayes songs. Let me just say that "Don't Lose Your Head" really brought me out of my funk. (Well, it wasn't too much of a funk to begin with, since I was in a surprisingly good mood for most of the time I had problems.) So the bus came, I got on, recounted my story again to the bus driver, and I listened to Rebecca Mayes the whole way home. I got home at about 2 PM. I brought the dog into the porch so he wasn't getting any more wet. (He's not the sharpest bulb. :-D) I then decided that I had a hard day and took a nap until about 6 PM.

That has been my day. It's been an interesting one, that's for sure.
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