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  • 18:09 is looking up on the job scene, with 1 scheduled interview and 1 yet to be scheduled [happy] #
  • 23:54 @dantheshive Nice new comic. Grace looks less like a superhero to me and more like a fantasy elf warrior to me. (Not a bad thing.) #EGS #
  • 23:56 @dantheshive I also like Sarah's new "bedraggled" look. #EGS #
  • 23:57 @queenj You happen to be reading "Before Dishonor" right now? If so, LOL. If not, your tweet will come back and make you laugh. #
  • 11:26 Off to the interview. Prayer appreciated. [good] #
  • 11:44 Not that I'd wear one, but I'm historically curious as to when skirts and dresses became female-only fashion. [curious] #
  • 12:42 Note to self: Stop doing stupid stuff that could get you hit by the light rail. [relieved] #
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  • Guess what?

    I just helped out the Brad Fitzpatrick out on a Tech Support issue. Yes... brad, the creator of LiveJournal. Awesome.

  • My tweets

    Tue, 09:38: really hates his life sometimes... [miserable]

  • My tweets

    Wed, 10:39: can't get over this stupid cough, and it's giving him a headache [annoyed]

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