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Lots More Quizes!

You Are Green.

(((~*~What Personality Color Are You?~*~)))
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What Is Your Animal Personality?

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You are Lucius!  You are... so going to be king someday!
You are Lucius!
You are so... going to be king someday!
You lucky thing you, you are on the fast track to the top. You have the love of the Dark Lord, the fear of the resistance and the respect of everyone around you. Now, if you could just get them to stop calling you Lucy...

Which Knockturnal Ruins Character Are You?
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The Lost Soul
The Lost Soul

What sign of the Black Zodiac are you?
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You're From Venus
You're From Venus. This means that you are bound to be talented in some form of art and a very loving, beautiful person.

What Planet are You From?
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Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes

What Color Eyes Should You Have?
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