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Strange scenario this morning...

Last night, my dad spilled half a pitcher of tea on the floor. He cleaned it up. Apparently, he didn't do a well enough job of it because when my mom came home this morning, half the floor was covered in ants. She killed them all, but the bug spray bothered her and she went into an allergic reaction. So, I gave her the medicine she needed and had to walk to work this morning. So, I called up McD's and Mrs. Shelia answered the phone. I told her to tell whatever manager was there that I'd be about 20 minutes late because my mom had an asthma attack. So I walk to work. I get there and everyone's like, "Is your mom OK? Did she go to the hospital?" I told them, "No. She's fine. This happens all the time." Maurice asked me, "What do you mean?" I told him, "Whenever she gets around perfume, cologne, or Lysol..." He interrupted me by saying, "Oh. She had an allergic reation?" I said, "Yeah." He said, "Shelia told us that your mom had a heart attack!" I was busting up laughing! My manager, John, said that Shelia told them "Mike's mom had a heart attack. He'll be in late today." He just KNEW there was something wrong with that statement. I told him, "If my mom had a heart attack, I'd be calling up and saying, 'John. I'm not coming in this week. Get a replacement.'"

Funny, funny stuff...

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