Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Well, Mrs. Gemma had a crappy night...

Her ride, Sonya, called out. However, Sonya called her to tell her that she'd pick her up, still. Anyway, at 10:30, I realized that I was supposed to be there, yet was still on my computer. So, I rushed, grabbed my stuff, and hijacked my dad to drive me up there. I got there 5 minutes late. Not too bad. However, she was still there. She was on the phone with her supervisor. After she got off, she told me the situation. Sonya took 2 Nyquils and went to sleep. When Sonya was late, Mrs. Gemma called her up. Her daughter answered and said that she'd been trying to wake her up for 10 minutes and still couldn't. So, she called her supervisor and told him her situation. The supervisor told her of another person in the area and gave a number. She called that number, only to find it disconnected. She got another number from my mom, who is her supervisor's supervisor. That number just kept ringing. She had no cab fare and didn't want to ride the bus alone at that time of night. So she had to get an unexcused absence that night. She was kind of screwed last night.

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