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My late night TV watching schedule

I've decided to post my late night TV watching schedule when I'm over at Mrs. Gemma's babysitting KJ. The only thing is that, when Junkyard Wars is on, I'll watch it instead of whatever the other thing is. It's usually on over Timon & Pumbaa and Darkwing Duck, but sometimes it's on over Futurama and X-Play. If it's on over Robot Wars, I'd have to make a decision on what to watch. Also, if Star Trek is on, you better believe I'm watching that. Anyway, here's the schedule.

10:30 PM11:00 PM11:30 PM12:00 AM12:30 AM
X-Men Evolution
Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network
Tech TV
Timon & Pumbaa
Toon Disney
Darkwing Duck
Toon Disney
1:00 AM1:30 AM2:00 AM2:30 AM3:00 AM
Robot Wars
Tech TV
Tech TV
X-Play (alternate)
Tech TV
Are you crazy?
I'm in bed!

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