Michael Moore (admiralmemo) wrote,
Michael Moore

Desert Bus Dream

Alright, it's been a long time since I've actually written in my journal. I haven't had much to say that hasn't been simply short comments that are better served with Twitter and FaceBook status updates. However, for the first time in a long time, I've had a dream that I remembered. Strangely enough, it was about Desert Bus.

In the dream, I was actually in the MoonBase. However, I was in a place that, not only doesn't exist, but is probably not physically possible with the layout of Desert Bus. I was laying on my right side on a small couch, where my head would be basically next to the wall where the costumes are, with my feet next to the big chat screen. Somehow, I was positioned underneath the screen for the Bus TV, but not blocking the way between the driver and the Sega CD. (As I said, it was probably physically impossible.) So, anyway, Kathleen was driving, though she was not dressed in any sort of costume, except the cat ears. Graham was at the main computer. No one was at the tech station (where the audio and video for the feeds were managed). Kroze and Fugiman were in the Kroze Nest (Ashton was absent). Finally, about 4 indeterminate people were on the back couches. Despite Graham being there, the level of activity was much less, which was more similar to the early morning shift with Paul in reality. There was an ongoing challenge. However, the specifics of the challenge were kind of in flux, which should have been an indication that this was a dream. (I think my brain was saying, "That challenge isn't realistic enough that they'd accept it. Let's refine it on the fly.) The most clear (and final) iteration of the challenge was that for $200, any time someone new entered the room, everyone in the room had to so some sort of silly salute and say "Hail, Lord [name]!" This was to last 2 hours, though I do remember a previous iteration where it was to last all day. (If anyone from LoadingReadyRun wants to comment on how long they'd actually do that on Desert Bus for $200, that'd be cool.) So, Graham was reading through some challenges, and people in the back were chatting quietly amongst themselves, while I was just kind of looking around the room, taking it all in. Morgan entered the room, and everyone did their "Hail, Lord Morgan!" salute. He asked Graham what that was about and Graham explained the challenge. Then, he said he needed to get some hats for a previously-accepted challenge that he was setting up. He walked over to where I was, and I pretty much figured I needed to move out of his way so he could get the hats. I'm guessing actions in the dream corresponded to actions in reality, because at that point, I woke up and I was already sitting up.

Interesting dream, to say the least.
Tags: desert bus, dreams

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