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MAGfest Report

MAGfest was a blast... Let's report on some highlights
  • Visiting the merch tables and the arcade/gaming room (WOW!)
  • Staying up Friday night with roommates and friends listening to wild stories
  • LoadingReadyRun Live Commentary with Graham and Paul
  • Becoming notable to Graham and Paul as "The Guy who was out-bid by Notch"
  • Going to the awesome Voice Acting Panel
  • Going to the Ellen McLain Q&A
  • Singing Want You Gone and Still Alive with Ellen McLain, with John Patrick Lowrie on guitar
  • Having a hilarious time at Voice-a-palooza II
  • Getting my combustible lemon signed by Ellen McLain
  • Sitting between the Space Core and the TF2 Administrator, with a row of Ponies in front of me
  • Eating at this phenomenal Italian buffet in the convention center
  • Meeting Dan and James (from Extra Credits) on the elevator
  • Being introduced to James by Graham as "The guy who Notch barely outbid, and then drastically outbid"
  • Playing Team Fortress 2 on the free LAN servers
  • Appreciating my own Steam account at home when I had to play with just the default weapons (and a handful of unlocks) in TF2
  • Ingesting various strange caffeinated Japanese things, including Lifeguard and Black Black
  • Playing Uno with a couple of cool friends (who I've forgotten their names, unfortunately)
  • Staying up for Jon St. John's panel at midnight on everything he's done other than Duke Nukem
  • Laughing as it lasted for 3 hours, and became the "Duke Nukem Prank Calls Everyone" panel
  • Being part of "Speed Hugs" with Jon St. John (his brother was in critical, but later stable, condition at the hospital)
  • Being accidentally elbowed in the jaw by Jon St. John during "Speed Hugs"
  • Asking Jon St. John "If Duke Nukem played Pokémon would he only catch Steel-types, so he could have "Pokéballs of Steel"?" and getting a high-five from him.
  • Staying up Saturday night with roommates and friends listening to even more wild stories
  • Going to the LoadingReadyRun Q&A Panel
  • Seeing all of the awesome (and not-so-awesome) costumes of people
  • Only now just realizing I was an idiot, and that was Fugiman I was talking to, not Ashton
Here's a link to my convention pictures.
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