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Funny little story...

I'm walking out of Mrs. Gemma's house on my way to walk home. I glance at the ground and what do I see but 2 or 3 little baby wrens happily fluttering and hopping around. Well, I open the gate and Mama Wren, who's sitting on the fence between the house and the bar begins furiously chirping. I'm assuming that she's both chirping at me to get away from her babies and also chirping at her babies to run away from me. The funny thing was that the babies were patently ignoring both me and their mother, still hopping and fluttering. Just goes to show that the "children not listening to their parents" gene is not simply a human thing.

  • Pedometer Reading

    ???? I must have lost it somewhere between work and home. I'm glad I've got another. I know it was past 7000 at work.

  • Pedometer Reading


  • Pedometer Reading

    Today, I picked my pedometer up, dusted it off, and put it on. I thought I'd compare a day at McDonald's to a day at Maryland Repro. 18780…

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