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Yesterday's buys

I bought a game yesterday. It's not that great. It's the updated version of Combat. It's fun enough, but the controls are a bit of a pain. However, I still like it. Why? Because it was $2.00! I say that if a $2.00 game has the cumulative play value equal to 4 or 8 rounds at the arcade, it's worth it.

Also, I bought 4 booster packs of Magic carda and got a good deal there. $3.50 per pack. But I got some good cards in it, both trade value, money value, and play value.

Play value:
Divergent Growth (premium)
Elvish Abberation
Wirewood Guardian
Treetop Scout (3)
Alpha Status
Dragon Fangs
Primitive Etchings
Hunting Pack
Extra Arms
Spark Spray (3)
Torrent of Fire
Tendrils of Agony
Vengeful Dead

Trade/money value:
Sliver Overlord
Divergent Growth (premium)
Alpha Status
Primitive Etchings
Hunting Pack
Silver Knight
Karona's Zealot
Trap Digger
Decree of Justice
Gilded Light
Wing Shards
Extra Arms
Goblin Psychopath
Tendrils of Agony
Long-term Plans
Thundercloud Elemental

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