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I think everything just hit me...

I've got a dead-end job at McDonald's that doesn't pay as much as my babysitting job and isn't nearly as exciting or fun. I've got a babysitting job with the kid from Hell who decides that, since I played a game in the past, I should know EVERYTHING about it, even if I played it 2 years ago and never beat the thing. He also is always talking to me about things I don't care about or even want to bother with. He's got the most obnoxious mouth I've ever heard and I think he finds it fun to torture me. I've got a girlfriend of 5 years who recently dumped me for a guy she's met twice and lives in Canada. I've got a pig-sty of a room that I think I'll never get cleaned. I've got an Associate's Degree, but not a good GPA because my dumb self is very lazy and I don't know how to not be. I've sent out many resumes but have gotten no replies and think I'll be stuck at McD's forever. I've got a stupid, piece of junk computer that crashes roughly 5 times a night and is as slow as a turtle. I've got so many backed-up messages, it'll take me a VERY long time to sift through them. I've got junk mail out the wazoo. I'm just depressed more than I've ever been before. I don't know whether to hurt someone else or myself, but I feel I should hurt someone.

(Note: Don't worry about me becoming suicidal. I trust in God and He'll let me go when it's my time and I will never try to pre-empt His plan. My faith and my books are the things keeping me afloat emotionally right now.)
Tags: depression, jenny, sad, stress

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