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Michael Moore

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Random Stuff

First, I got my cell phone bill today. I had 200 TXT messages over my 100 limit and got charged $18.40 extra! Holy SEV! I need to stop my TXT message thingies with Lone Wolf. It's killing me in charges!

Second, I've proved at work that I can theoretically get some any time I want, if I wanted to. I had to turn down 3 or 4 offers today. I'm glad and scared at the same time.

Third, the mosquitos must think I'm candy or something. My legs are all bitten up! I hate mosquitos!

Fourth, I got a thingie from the college in the mail today. Roughly translated from legalese, it states, "You've fulfilled all requirements for the Associate's Degree. We'll mail the paper in late October." Yay! I finally officially have my Associate's Degree in Computer Science!

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