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My right stereo speaker keeps fuzzing in and out and I can't figure out why. I may take the friggin' thing apart to get to the source of the problem.

Edit: I've come up with a temporary solution. I switched the left and right speakers both position-wise and connection-wise. Now it's my left speaker with problems, but that's a bit better, since it's slightly further from me so I won't notice the problem as much.

Edit #2: Apparently, it's not the speaker that's the problem. Apparently, it's the jack, since it's STILL the right speaker with problems. Arg!

Edit #3: I'm currently convinced it's got something to do with the woofer on the thing, since I've noticed it only fuzzes out when any bass thing comes on.

Edit #4: Now I've gotten it temporarily fixed. I bent the plug downward as far as it would go and it's fixed the problem. Now to just make sure it doesn't move.

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