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More Shower Meme stuff... (I love these things...)

Same rules apply. Comment with 5 more questions or with a request for questions.

From tashkal

1) Borrowing one question from the one I just did, what do you see as the primary purpose of your LJ?

Several purposes. It tends to be a mostly quiz-oriented LJ, though I never intended it to become that. My main "purposes" of the LJ are for ranting about work or telling funny stuff or what-have-you. Basically, it's a "what's interesting in my life" LJ. I also get advice from you people through it.

2) What is with the icon on this comment? Is that a cloud, a rock, what? Is there a story behind it?

Well, I'll stick the icon you're refering to onto this post to let everyone know what you're talking about. This icon is Quark from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with a TRIBBLE on his head. This is from the episode "Trials and Tribble-ations." In the scene, he's surrounded by tribbles and must be thinking, "What am I going to DO with these things?" I use this icon because, to me, he looks similar to that "Thinker" statue. I use this icon when I'm contemplating things, which I tend to do alot.

3) What is your favorite movie adapted from another media (video game, comic book... we'll even go with TV shows)?

Well, that would be the Star Trek movies, definitely. ;-) However, if those are excluded, I would have to go with the X-Men movie. I prefer the first one to the second.

4) You seem to watch TechTV.... who is your favorite Lady of TechTV? :)

Well, there are really only 3 shows I watch on TechTV. (More precisely, only 3 shows I GET to watch on TechTV, due to when I have access to it (when I'm babysitting).) I watch Robot Wars, Unscrewed, and X-Play. Therefore, my choices are between Phillipa Forrester, Laura Swisher, and Morgan Webb. *thinks* Hrm... Tough call. *thinks some more* Well, despite her good looks and humor, I'll have to rank Laura third. That leaves Phillipa and Morgan... *thinks* Well, it was a tough decision, but the judges (in my head :-)) have gone for Phillipa! Though I'd love to meet Morgan and since we have much in common (and she'd be easier to access, since she's in the US), I'd really like to meet Phillipa. Great clothing, great wit, and you've gotta love her skill with "Damage Cam" there.

5) If you had the chance to attend a World Science Fiction Convention, is the admission price were no object, would you go? If not, why not? If conditional, what on?

I currently have no clue what this is exactly, but it sounds interesting. I would probably go if there were no conflicts with anything important. If Star Trek people were there, that would be a DEFINITE incentive for me. :-D

OK, people... Please reply this time.

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