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Stupid Computer Illiterate Mother!

She got sent a bunch of pictures through her e-mail from a missionary in Turkey. She wanted to print them. So what's she do? She forwards them all to me! Instead of asking me for a computer disk and saving them onto that, she's sending 1.5 Megs into my inbox, clogging it up, causing Yahoo to shut my mail down! And she doesn't TELL me this! (Well, in her own way, she DID tell me. She told me in an e-mail with a 393K PDF attachment that she was going to send pictures, then five minutes later, sent the pictures.) I find out when I open my mailbox! Arg! I mean, she doesn't even ask! And she's got PLENTY of space in HER inbox, where I could have printed them just as easily! But, NO! She has to send them to MY inbox, without asking, causing it to shut down. Then, when I get mad at her for not doing the simple things, she yells at me with something like "Well, if I knew how to do that, I would!" *grumbles* I really hate her... I really do. I don't know HOW I got to be so smart with an idiot like that for a mother. *grumbles* If anyone tried to send me a message in the past 2 days, it probably didn't go through. Try re-sending it in about an hour, when I'll probably have waded through this junk and deleted it! Arg!

Edit: And now I find out that she's sent me one of the e-mails THREE TIMES!!!!! That's an extra 284K I DON'T NEED!!!! Oh, if I were a less controlled person, she'd be lying on the floor right now.

Edit #2 (which was supposed to have been posted last night, but the computer screwed it up): I quickly calmed down once I got normal e-mail service back (which came back after the deletion of 3 of those e-mails). You don't know how glad I was to actually see spam coming in! *chuckles* Anyway, she's still upset. She was saying, "Alright! I'll NEVER send you any more e-mail AGAIN!" I was like "Calm down... You don't have to go to extremes. All I was asking for was a little common sense here." She said "No. No more e-mail. Every time I send you an e-mail, you complain about it." Well, let's take a look at the types of e-mail she's sent me: 5 or 6 virus hoaxes that I had to reply to everyone on her list to let them know it was a hoax; massively forwarded "cute" things that ask to be forwarded to everyone you know; and now these huge pictures jamming my inbox. She's saying to me, "You're acting like I know this stuff when I don't! How am I supposed to know how big an e-mail is? It doesn't say anything on it how big it is. It didn't jam up MY e-mail box. Why should it jam up yours?" I told her, "You haven't had e-mail for 6 years." She said, "Well, I don't save everything. I read it, then delete it, or stick it in my folder if it needs saving." I said, "I do that too, but you must remember that I've been online 6 times as long as you have. Stuff adds up." I'm glad I have today off from work. I am going to TEACH her how stuff works and where to look for stuff.

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