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Why is it that every single good idea has to be hampered by several pieces of bad luck?

Good idea: Take a tape over to Mrs. Gemma's house so I can tape late night TV and go to bed earlier and not be tired in the morning. I'm watching Junkyard Wars right now.

Bad Luck: I lost my book! I looked everywhere at Mrs. Gemma's house and at my house for my Ogre, Ogre book and can't find it! AAAHHH!!!

Bad Luck: I lost my favorite bookmark! My Wile E. Coyote bookmark was in the book.

Edit: I got both back. They were next to the refrigerator.

Bad Luck: My batteries died! I was trying to listen to my radio and have classical music overpower the annoyingly loud music from the bar next door. This worked well until the batteries in my radio died. Arg! Why does she have to live next door to an annoying bar?!?!?!

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