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Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

I've got more RAM in my computer and it's FLYING now...

Yesterday, I went up to Havre De Grace to my uncle's house for my grandpa's surprise 80th Birthday party. Had a blast there. Started out by going in the back with the little kids and playing on the big trampoline. The favorite game played was "Bowling for People." This is a game I came up with. Basically, I'd lay down and roll around and they'd have to jump over me. If they tripped over me and fell, they'd be out. The last person bouncing would be the winner. Simple, yet fun for the little kids. However, after about 15 minutes, it turned into a wrestling match on the trampoline. It was about 7 or 8 little kids versus 1 20 year old adult. No competiton. I could get one or two off, but once they started to pile on, it was hard to breathe. A few kids got hurt in collisions with each other, but it was mostly me getting hurt. And I couldn't stop it because I was getting bounced on, kicked, etc. One girl spit in my eye. The kids decided to take my socks off and throw them on the roof. One kid stole my shoes and put them in the trash can. All in all, frustratingly fun. However, then the party started and I got to mingle with the teens. My cousin, Josh, and his friends and I hung out in his room for a while. Once it got dark, we decided to go for a walk down "scary street." Basically, there's this street in his neighborhood that's pitch black at nite due to the amount and density of trees along the road. Well, the gang of us just walked and talked and just had fun. I was basically the "unofficial adult guardian" of the group. Josh's friend, Josh, had fun mooning cars. I had to keep Lady, my cousin Josh's dog, out of mud puddles. Then, she tried to eat a fresh roadkill squirrel. We just had a blast, until about halfway back to the house. There's this crazy guy at the corner of his street and "scary street." Well, he's got 2 rottweilers. Lady decided that she wanted to play with them. I attempted to get her off his yard and he comes out and starts yelling. So we take off down the street, bypassing Josh's house, and heading for the main road. Well, Mr. Crazy didn't follow us, which was good. We went back to the house and got on the trampoline and just sat around chillin'. We attempted to play "Truth or Dare," but it was unsuccessful because none of the guys could think of anything to ask. So we went back and chilled in Josh's room for a while, then I had to go home. My uncle Mark then gave me the RAM he'd been meaning to give me. He got me RAM for Christmas, but when I installed it, it didn't work. We found it was PC133 RAM and I needed PC100 RAM for my machine. So we took it back to Best Buy, and he was waiting for a sale. Well, he got one and got me the RAM I needed. Now, I'm flying through stuff with less errors. Happy, happy, happy!
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