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Now THAT is funny...

My GF (jennlee80) now has 138 different viruses on her mom's computer! HOW she got THAT many, I have no clue, but she's screaming at me for help. She's telling me all about what Norton's doing wrong and shutting down. The amusing thing is that she's telling me when I use McAfee for viruses and have never used Norton in my life. She's like, "Tell me exactly what to do here," and I'm trying to tell her mom and her that I don't know what to do since I don't use that virus software. It's like telling a brain surgeon to build a rocket. Both brain surgeons and rocket scientists are smart, but in completely different fields. I told her to uninstall Norton, re-install it, see if it works, then clean out what she can, download the update, and clean up the rest.

Still... 138 different viruses... That's sad, yet funny at the same time.

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