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I think something's taken over my Yahoo mail...

Either that, or it's the strangest spam I've received...

I got this 125K mail in my inbox from what appears to be "postmaster@yahoo.com" which is the daemon that kicks in when some e-mail goes wrong.

The subject:
Undeliverable mail--"and Conditions"

The body:

The following mail can't be sent to adislccsa@concentric...:

From: mrmemo99@yahoo.com
To: adislccsa@concentric...
Subject: and Conditions
The file is the original mail

Firstly, this is suspicious due to the fact that the e-mail address is improperly formatted and also unfamiliar. Secondly, it's suspicious that 5 lines of text could take up 125K. The third suspicious thing is that it's obvious that the e-mail has been forged. All the return stuff goes to some "enliveninternational.com" address and not Yahoo. Any ideas what it's about? It's currently stuck in my trash, but not yet deleted.

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