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The day of idiots...

It was like one after another today.

First idiot: Wanted to pay with a $100 bill. "We don't take hundreds." "You don't?" "There's a sign right on the speaker." "Well, I didn't READ the speaker..." Ugh... He had to scrounge money from his kids to get enough to pay.

Second idiot: Wanted to do 3 separate orders in drive-thru. Even AFTER I told her we can't do separate orders in drive-thru, she still tells me, "This is the money for the first order and this is the second and this is the third." I just took the biggest bill (a $20) and paid for everything with that, and gave her a bunch of (mostly her own) change back, for her to sort out herself. I was in a mood to give her 800+ pennies back, but I didn't have that much.

Third idiot: I'm punching up another order, so I'm a bit absentminded when I take what this woman handed to me. I went to punch up how much she handed me. I then realized that she handed me an ATM card. I'm like, "What do you want me to do with this? Keep it?" She said, "No. I want to pay with it." I said, "We don't take credit cards or ATM cards." She took it back and said, "The last McDonald's I went to took them." I asked, "Where was that?" She said, "Illinois." ILLINOIS?! She thinks something that works 3 or 4 states away works the same here? At least she had some cash.

Fourth idiot: Had the fake Internet coupon. At least she was understanding. However, it was a bit of a hassle explaining it wasn't valid.

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